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Empower The Delivery Process Of Your Most Complex IT & Engineering Systems
We are a boutique consultancy focused on software and processes that support the delivery of complex systems.
Extensive Experience
Tailored Solutions
Personalised Support
Ongoing Coaching

The Olive Grove IT specialists have over 35 years of experience in the IT industry, helping clients of all sizes and across all business sectors as they design and deliver complex systems.

From apps to airports, retail to railways, web sites to warships, we have improved our clients’ ability to deliver systems - on time and on budget - that delight their stakeholders. This expertise allows us to guide organisations across Australia through adopting best practices in System Engineering, Agile and Scaled Agile approaches.

We also specialise in developing and delivering custom IoT solutions, from low-level hardware and electronic design to data collection, analytics and responsive web application front ends. As an IBM Gold Partner, we have broad hands-on knowledge of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management toolsets and IBM Cloud solutions, including all the heritage Rational and Telelogic product set.

Our boutique size allows us to invest more time into getting to know our clients’ business objectives, issues, and challenges, and makes working together a more personal experience. We believe in building valuable, long-lasting relationships across organisations that are based on trust, dedication, and collaboration.

At Olive Grove IT
we do things a little differently…

IT consultants are often expected to quietly solve technology issues and then disappear - until the next issue arises.

That’s not what Olive Grove IT does. We believe in sharing the knowledge, coaching and providing ongoing support across the entire engineering lifecycle.

Our focus is not on matching your current demands with a product or solution that provides a satisfactory but just temporary fix, but on comprehensively addressing the underlying requirements and issues. Or more precisely, providing sustainable solutions while also guiding your team how to address similar challenges both now and in the future. We coach and empower them to leverage what they learnt next time around.

And if this means you won’t need our help in this area anymore? Then it only makes us proud how well we did!

We don’t just

What we do instead is

Bring you predefined solutions
Focus on addressing the problems and designing solutions that are tailored to your particular needs and requirements
Offer paid training for your team
Provide your team with ongoing coaching and tools along the way, showing them how to solve problems - it’s an integral part of our philosophy and offering
Support you only while engaged on the project
keep supporting you right through the whole lifecycle, from the initial idea stage through till after the release
Have a large team
Bring only the resources you absolutely need, which is typically just one highly experienced consultant to lead your team in the right direction
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