Delivering Novel & Tailored Solutions for the Internet of Things

The “LITTLE” things we do

At Olive Grove IT we are all about creating unique, tailored solutions to remote sensing and control problems. This means, in particular, customising the design of IoT systems - from defining the problem to delivery of end-to-end platforms. We deliver novel, optimised solutions for modular sensor, controller and power modules that cover a wide range of applications for power, environmental, noise, pollution, motion, waste and medical sensing, and control.

We also support our clients with designing and developing back-end data platforms (including analysis and cognitive inference) and intuitively responsive Web front-end. It’s important to us to remain platform-agnostic, using standard WiFi and Ethernet and open protocols and not getting locked into particular radio, protocol or back-end like most IoT systems.

When we talk about being Agile, it’s more than just words - we live and breathe it every day, being active in delivering our own complex engineering projects in an Agile way and using in-house the very same approaches and tools we suggest to our clients. Which is why when we recommend doing things in a certain way, that’s because we tried and tested it before ourselves and we’re supported by firsthand experience of how it works and what results it brings.

Common “LITTLE” challenges

Bridging the gap between an idea or need for remote sensing/control and IoT and having a plan for implementation
Lack of existing solutions on the market that measure the parameters that are required
Lack of sensor solutions that meet your exact needs/requirements - or their price is significantly more than what your organisation can afford
Deploying expensive and custom gateways to support sensors using proprietary radios
Leveraging a sensor company leads to being locked into back-end data platforms which means high ongoing costs and lack of complete control over your solution

How Olive Grove IT tackles them

Our goal is to bring elegant, innovative, outside the box solutions to solve your most complex problems. To do that, we use modular reusable designs and not modular hardware.

This allows us to deliver custom solutions that are unique to each client while also remaining affordable and efficient to produce. We customise the sensors, data, collection and analytics to suit the solution so that it delivers precisely the functionalities that are required.

And you are never "locked-in" because we leverage only open technologies and systems. Often these are scalable, cloud-based solutions that can be deployed incredibly quickly anywhere in the world and allow you to keep the costs low.

Your “LITTLE” benefits

A solution tailored to your exact needs & problems
Considerably decreased manufacturing costs
Significantly reduced runtime costs
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