Guiding You Through Agile Transformation

The “COMPLEX” things we do

We guide our clients through the agile transformation of IT shops, helping to elevate them from traditional development to Agile and Lean practices. This involves in particular:

Requirements Management

Model-Based Software Engineering (MBSE)

Implementation of DevOps practices, including Continuous Integration and Deployment, Automated Deployment and Release

Change Management

Automated functional testing

Performance testing

Application modernisation and migration to Cloud

Migration from legacy SDLC toolsets to modern offerings

Agile coaching and SCRUM

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) implementation

Common “COMPLEX” challenges

Inability to meet customers’ needs in a timely fashion, including quickly releasing new features or fixes and speeding up the time to market
Lack of software systems quality and design quality and visibility
Lack of project control and visibility into project schedule, cost and progress
Unacceptable project risk that remains unmitigated until late in the project lifecycle

How Olive Grove IT tackles them

We have great confidence in pragmatic agile adoption, making use of appropriate process and automated tools to make delivery of complex IT systems more predictable and more consistent.

Implementation of DevOps makes the delivery of changes to IT systems simpler and more reliable, while pragmatic automation of the process allows your team to work smarter and do more with less.

The end goal is everybody across the team/across the organisation knowing exactly what’s going on and are empowered to make proactive and pragmatic decisions.

Your “COMPLEX” benefits

Decreased project risk
Increased project visibility & reliability
Improved quality & quicker time to market
Better project teamwork across the business (including SysAdmin and Operations staff)
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