Supporting You Through The Largest Of Your Systems Engineering Challenges

The “BIG” things we do

We deliver premier consulting services around the automated toolsets and repositories that support the Software and Systems Engineering lifecycle. As an IBM Gold Reseller, we assist our clients in particular with the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools including IBM DOORS and IBM DOORS Next, IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Test Management, IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Publishing, and IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody.

We provide consulting services across the Software and System Engineering lifecycle for both IT and non-IT related projects, especially around the processes, practices and reporting for:

Requirements Engineering

Architecture & Design

Embedded Development

Verification & Validation

Change Management

Interface Management

Risk/Hazard Log Management

Standards Management

Compliance & Reporting

Managing Versions & Variants

Common “BIG” challenges

Addressing, tracking & managing thousands of requirements across complex engineering projects executed over several months/years and with multiple partners involved
Ensuring effective communications across multiple partners with up to 1,000+ team members on each partner team
Managing interfaces and interdependencies between packages and partners
Understanding the impact of change all across the lifecycle and how it affects safety, compliance with standards, and other packages

How Olive Grove IT tackles them

We believe in gradual change - which means one of the crucial elements of every project is analysing the current practice and planning a continuous, incremental adoption to correct and optimise how the existing business processes are run.

Working within the client’s existing Systems Engineering approaches, we help improve the way in which they operate. This includes especially implementing best practices and tools while working within the mandated delivery environment and figuring out how best to integrate existing mandated practices with any new ones.

In particular, we’ve found the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tool set incredibly effective inhelping manage project complexity, and many of our clients include the ELM tools as part of their delivery approach - we help by tuning the tools and process to gain optimal benefit.

We collaborate closely with our clients’ teams to define working instructions, so that all parties can interact in the most efficient manner, and provide ongoing coaching to the SMEs.

Your “BIG” benefits

Increased real-time visibility & traceability across the lifecycle
Improved efficiency in the way work products are produced & communicated
Enhanced ability to recognise and mitigate risks, delays and unwanted expenditures stemming from unforeseen changes
Reduced manual labour costs thanks to automation
Considerably decreased risk of incorrect or incomplete systems due to errors/omissions
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