The Olive Grove IT Story

Who We Are & What We Believe In

Our Mission

We started Olive Grove IT to help organisations with designing, developing and delivering systems of all sizes and complexity. Working with large and smaller organisations alike, we are committed to not only address their IT and engineering needs but also always share our expertise, mentor their teams, and build long-lasting relationships.

Being a boutique IT consultancy allows us to be more agile and in-tune with our clients’ specific environment and business factors. As a result, the solutions we provide are better tailored to your needs and delivered by consultants who truly understand your problems because we have lived them ourselves.

Our Experience

The Olive Grove IT team has over 35 years of experience in the IT industry that includes in particular software development, change management and the development/delivery lifecycle.

One of the Olive Grove IT founders, Davyd Norris, worked side by side with many of the original authors of methods that are now recognised as best practice in System Engineering, Agile and SAFe™. It is this deep understanding of systems development and delivery, how it is best used and scaled, and knowledge of the supporting toolset needed to successfully integrate these practices into your teams, that makes us uniquely placed to provide the tailored support you need.

Our Clients

We work with clients from the public and private sector and across industries, helping them adopt best practice and product solutions drawn from the IT world, tailored and tuned so that they are the right fit for their specific project needs. Some of the biggest projects we currently work on are multi-year civil and construction engineering without a single line of computer code, but we have found time and time again that software and systems engineering best practice are universal.

We have applied our approach to support local governments, finance, banking and insurance companies, electronics and automotive manufacturers, and major rail and aviation infrastructure ventures.

Our Causes

When we founded Olive Grove IT, we were determined to make giving back to the community a core part of our identity. Which is why we decided that set a percentage of our annual profits should remain earmarked to support the causes we’re most passionate about. Two of them that remain especially dear to us are:

Disadvantaged Youth

Aardvark Music is a Melbourne based not for profit organisation that creates songwriting and music opportunities for marginalised and at-risk young people between the ages of 14 and 24. Together with recording artists, music therapists, and youth mentors, participants write, record, perform and distribute original music. Programs combine the expertise of performing musicians and music therapists, who co-facilitate to offer a dual focus on music skills and personal development.

Aardvark Music is driven by passion, inclusion, youth participation and providing opportunities for future pathways. Participants describe being part of Aardvark Music’s community as a unique and life changing experience.

Olive Grove IT is not only proud to be an official sponsor, but our people have also been Aardvark Music volunteers/mentors for over 10 years.

Animal Rescue

Almost ten years ago, we were asked to help develop a rescue shelter management system for an unusual shelter based in Queensland - the Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue. This shelter specialises in what veterinarians call ‘exotics’ - not because Guinea Pigs (or Cavys) are rare, but because it is rare for them to be taken to a vet. We were devastated to discover that a huge number of these ‘exotics’ - guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and mice - end up abandoned or dumped if they fall ill and require veterinary care. Even worse, they are advertised ‘Free to Good Home’ and end up as live food for reptiles.

Apart from sponsoring the GCGPR, we also have contributed to the development of the open-source Animal Shelter Manager software, and host a server for over half a dozen shelters along the East Coast of Australia, and as far away as Belgium and New Jersey.

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